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Donate to Fairgrounds


The fairgrounds is in need of maintenance funds to upgrade:

Roofs: Main Exhibit Building, Food Court, Cattle Barn, and Indoor Arena.

Parking Lots: grading parking areas and gravel.

Upgrade and expand Old Sheep Barn for goats.

Poultry & Rabbit Barn: extending the Poultry Barn and Rabbit Barn, adding a cooling system in barns,new cages, new show tables, watering system and installation.

Swine Arena & barn: extension to Swine Show Arena, bleachers on the north side of the Swine Arena, new announcers booth in Swine Arena, cover over the swine wash racks, watering system and cooling system.

Cattle Barn: new cattle panels, large fans in cattle barn, 2 roll up doors in cattle barn,all new panels for stalling cattle,electrical upgrades in the cattle barn.

Horse barns: 14 stall fronts for horse barn # 4, and 26 new stall fronts built to replace wooden stall fronts, water a each barn, electrical outlets at each barn, wash rack.

Outdoor Arena: announcers booth in outdoor arena, new holding pens, gates, bucking chute, and set of bleachers.

Warm-up arena: new footing, bleachers and lighting.

Lighting: need lighting in the parking areas and trail course area.

Grounds: fencing for south borderline and landscaping.

Equipment: water truck, dump truck, large rototiller, backhoe, Black Widow Drag, Sander to attach to truck, and gator.

We would like to have another golf cart to transport handicap and the elderly.

We could also use donations toward our educational programs, awards, and scholarship program.
You may donate Picnic Tables or Benches.
You can also sign up for 5-year Flag Pole.
All donations are appreciated.
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