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Volunteer with the Bonner County Fair!

The Bonner County Fair is all about getting things done, strengthening our communities, encouraging civic responsibility and expanding opportunity.
Members of our volunteer programs engage in sustainable projects that allow them to make fundamental changes in their communities.
Programs not only create long-term results; they also rekindle the ethic of citizen service.
Members are pioneers committed to getting things done at the grassroots level and fortifying the ties that bind us together as a community.
Volunteering is generally considered an altruistic activity and is intended to promote goodness or improve human quality of life. In return, this activity can produce a feeling of self-worth and respect. There is no financial gain involved for the individual. Volunteering is also renowned for skill development, socialization, and fun. It is also intended to make contacts for possible employment. It is helping, assisting, or serving another person or persons without pay.

If you would like to volunteer with the Bonner County Fairgrounds, please read the rules and expectations below, and contact the Fair Office at 208-263-8414.

Volunteering on the fairgrounds

What to Expect:
Volunteering is a partnership between you and the Fair Board and staff.
The people you serve depend on you to fulfill your obligations as a volunteer.

The fair manager will expect you to:
Perform your assignments to the best of your ability.
Honor your commitments.
Be held accountable for your actions.
Accept directions.
Cooperate with other volunteers and staff; you are part of a team.
Respect property, materials and equipment.
Be open to change and ready to learn new skills.
What Should You Expect from us:
To give you a sense of belonging to the project we assign.
To provide sufficient training and orientation for you to carry out your volunteer role effectively.
To offer you responsibilities that are challenging and yet within the range of your abilities and interest.
To assign a position that has real purpose and is of value to you.
To be clear in our expectations of you.
To keep you informed.
To respect your opinions and ideas and give them fair consideration.
The Fair Board and staff will do their best to accommodate your interests and skills, but please recognize that the organization has a particular project goal and volunteers need to be willing to assist where needed.
If you have previous experience with a certain skill and would like to utilize it, please inform the fair manager.
However, this does not ensure that you will be doing this line of work.
Also, please inform the fair manager if you have any physical limitations, safety concerns, or are uncomfortable in any situation.
You will be advised on appropriate dress for the particular volunteer project you are participating in.
Comfort is key, but sometimes protective clothing is needed depending on the type of volunteer project.
In almost all cases, volunteers should plan to wear closed-toe shoes.
In case of bad weather:
When you sign up for a project, ask if the project will be cancelled in case of rain or other inclement weather.
Often volunteers participating in outdoor projects will be assigned to tasks indoors.
Fair staff members are very creative in making the best use of your time and willingness to serve.
Liability Waiver: Each volunteer must complete a Liability Waiver.
Younger volunteers are required to have a parent/guardian consent and they must sign for minors.


We are currently recruiting Fair Superintendents. Superintendents contribute 40 hours each year or more after completing a fun and thorough training checklist. They interact with visitors in a variety of ways:
Greet and assist exhibitors and fairgoers.
Assist with special events and more, all while meeting people in our community
Superintendents have the opportunity to train to become Interpretive Volunteers, educating guests about animals and different departments at specific barns or display areas.
If you are interested in volunteering as a Superintendent for the Bonner County Fair, opportunities are limited and never guaranteed, but you must first complete the initial training as listed above and be a regularly active volunteer.
All applicants must meet the following requirements:
Must be 24 years or older.
Have a positive attitude.
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