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Bonner County Fair & Rodeo Royalty

Pictured (L to R): Maddie Gunter, 2019-2020 Bonner County Fair Princess; Makayla Chapman, 2019-2020 Bonner County Fair Queen; Nic Peacock, 2019-2020 Bonner County Fair King.

2019-2020 Bonner County Fair King


Nic Peacock is 15 years old and has been a member of the Sagle Yodeling Coyotes and Sagle Saddle Tramps 4-H Clubs for the past seven years. He has taken Market Rabbit for seven years, Pet Rabbit and Breeding Beef for five years. This year is his first year in Market Beef. He has also taken leather craft and archery for seven years.

Nic is currently a Junior Leader for 4-H Archery with Gold N Grouse. Nic is the Idaho State NFAA (National Field Archery Association) State Champion. He will compete in the NFAA Nationals in Redding, CA this spring. In April, he will compete at a pre-qualifying event for the 2024 Para-Olympic Archery Team. Nic is currently a Staff Shooter for Moxie Bows and competes representing Moxie Bows and Spider Stabilizer Bars.

Nic is a freshman at Sandpoint High School and is interested in a career in a trade field. Nic's goal as Fair King is to promote the Bonner County Fair and the events that are held at the fairgrounds. He wants to be a role model for other youth and promote the 4-H program in Bonner County. He enjoys educating others about what the 4-H program has to offer through projects and agriculture. CONGRATULATIONS NIC!

2019-2020 Bonner County Fair Queen


Makayla Chapman is 17 years old and is a senior this year. Makayla's main goal as Fair Queen is to help out her 4-H community as much as possible, as well as set a great example to other 4-H'ers. Makayla is involved in the 4-H Swine Program.

If Makayla could make a new activity for the fair, she would love to create a "SuperFarmer" Contest - in which male and female duos would go head-to-head throwing haybales, moving haybales across the arena, gathering eggs from a nest and finding the hard boiled one by cracking them on the male partner's head, hanging a gate, and completing an obstacle course that involves rolling one partner in a tractor wheel and jumping over a 5-foot haybale! Sounds pretty fun, doesn't it?!

Makayla is an excellent representative of the Bonner County Fair and 4-H Program. CONGRATULATIONS MAKAYLA!

2019-2020 Bonner County Fair Princess


Maddie Gunter is 15 years old and a sophomore at Sandpoint High School. She has been a member of the Bonner County 4-H program for seven years. In her time as a 4-H'er, she has been involved in at least seven different projects. These projects include: Horse, Ranch Horse, Rabbit, Market Swine, Dutch Oven Cooking, and Veterinary Science.

For over 55 years, Maddie's extended family (the Frank Travers family) have been involved in the fair and local 4-H program. Ever since the Bonner County Fair was held at its original home on the shore of Lake Pend Oreille, her family has taken livestock to the fair, and Maddie is honored to continue that family tradition.

When Maddie is not participating in 4-H related events, she enjoys riding her horses, playing volleyball, listening to any kind of music, and spending time with friends. Maddie was part of the student leadership class at Sandpoint Middle School and is now part of the Sandpoint High School Student Council team. CONGRATULATIONS MADDIE!

2020 Rodeo Queen & Princess

Thank you to all of the generous businesses and donors who support the Bonner County Rodeo Royalty Program. Your support allows the girls to travel to rodeos and events throughout the northwest, and helps fund their mileage, materials and gear. Thank you so much!

Our new 2020 Rodeo Queen is Hayven Chase (pictured right) & our Rodeo Princess is Cherra Dewey (pictured left).

HAYVEN CHASE - Bonner County PRCA Rodeo Queen

Hi! My name is Hayven Chase, I am fifteen years old and for as long as I can remember, I’ve been “the horse crazy girl.” I am a sophomore in high school where I am an active member of our Future Farmers of America chapter. I enjoy barrel racing, learning to rope, O-mok-see racing, running flags, learning to leathercraft, and basically anything I can do with my horses. I’ve been a member of Mica Creek Horse Club for eight years, where I received a great foundation in horsemanship and am now passing my knowledge on as an instructor. I have won several championships in O-mok-see racing and have enjoyed representing the sport with four consecutive royalty titles.

As a military brat, with both my parents having served, I have deep respect for the service and sacrifice of all who have served our great nation.

I am passionate about agriculture, the western way of life, the sport of rodeo, and advocating for people, like myself, with hidden disabilities. Having been diagnosed with Type One Diabetes at eight years old, I’ve never let it stop me from attaining my goals, instead I have turned it into motivation to help and hopefully inspire others.

I am looking forward to a fun, exciting, and awesome year representing Bonner County Rodeo as your 2020 Queen.

CHERRA DEWEY - Bonner County PRCA Rodeo Princess

Born and raised in Bonner County, Cherra Dewey has grown up competing in sports, 4-H projects, and has been a close part of the Sandpoint community. Holding her first title as the 2020 Miss Bonner County Rodeo Princess, Cherra is excited to discover what the year will hold.

Participating in rodeo for 6 years carrying sponsorship flags and 4-H for 9 years, Cherra has competed at district and state levels, as well as qualified for national competitions.

This year she hopes to establish solid and positive relationships between the rodeo and public communities to bring closer into our rodeo family. Cherra’s secondary plans include attending college in search of obtaining her Master’s Degree in equine science, nutrition, and rehabilitation.

She currently competes at 3-day eventing in Ponderay at Shingle-Mill Barn where she is learning to teach the equestrian sport to others as well as further her equitation skills and veterinary knowledge.

2020-2021 Rodeo Royalty Applications

We are sorry to say that we will not be posting the Bonner County Rodeo Royalty application for the year 2020/2021. Due to COVID-19 the Bonner County Rodeo Royalty Queen & Princess did not get to represent our community and the sport of rodeo to their full potential, so we are carrying their reign over to next year. We feel that it is our duty to give them the opportunity to shine to the best of their abilities. The application is set to open again in 2021 to represent the 2022 year!

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