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Bonner County PRCA Rodeo, August 3 and 4, 2018

About PRCA

The rodeo was packed both nights with top contestants and stock. Al Parsons the announcer kept everyone riveted and Joanie Parsons handling the sound and rocked it!
JJ Harrison voted PRCA #1 Clown and C5 Rodeo Stock will return in 2018.

Dates will be August 3 and 4 performances 7 pm.

Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA), headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colo., is the largest and oldest rodeo-sanctioning body in the world. The recognized leader in professional rodeo, the PRCA is committed to maintaining the highest standards in the industry in every area, from improving working conditions for contestants and monitoring livestock welfare to boosting entertainment value and promoting sponsors.

Annually, the PRCA sanctions about 600 of the most elite multiple-event rodeos on the continent, in 37 states and three Canadian provinces – the cream of the crop among thousands of rodeo-related events that take place each year in North America. As a membership-driven organization, the PRCA works to ensure that every event it sanctions is managed with fairness and competence and that the livestock used is healthy and cared for to the highest standards.

Stock contractors: All PRCA rodeo events involve livestock, and the care of those animals falls to the stock contractors who buy or breed them, raise them, feed them, watch over them, provide medical care when necessary, and transport them safely between rodeos and their home pastures. PRCA stock contractors agree to follow more than 60 rules providing for the care and humane treatment of livestock — the toughest standards in the industry — and constantly look for ways to improve their husbandry, knowing that best practices produce top-performing livestock. Our stock contractor in 2017 is C5 Rodeo Company.
Contract personnel.

The non contestant personnel working a rodeo include the bullfighters, who help bull riders escape from powerful rodeo bulls, we have two of the best in the business Rowdy Barry and Ryan Manning. Barrel man JJ Harrison, when JJ steps into the arena, rodeo fans never know what to expect!

Our pickup men help bareback and saddle bronc riders dismount, then prepare and assist bucking stock to leave the arena.

Bonner County rodeo committee will organize our PRCA-sanctioned rodeo, we are in the Columbia River Circuit and have co-sanctioned wit the Montana Circuit. As for barrel racing, WPRA (Women's Professional Rodeo Association) will be running the pattern.
Our rodeo is run by a dedicated group of volunteers who make our rodeos work from behind the scenes, procuring local sponsors for event, setting up safe facilities; staffing various functions and making the contestants and attendees feel at home.

Congratulations Bonner County Rodeo!

2018 Rodeo Royalty, welcome!

Queen Maranda Montgomery
Princess Shellbie Montgomery


Rodeo Committee

Committee Rodeo:
Jimmy Cornelius President
Mick McCrum Vice President
Cheri Jo McCrum Secretary.
Mike Flanigan, Heidi Cornelius, Nolan Crossley, Dee Boyd, Gail Trotta, Eric Skinner, Jerry Schilling, LeAnn Catala, Shellie Burrouhs, Michael Lambert, Leandra Johnston, Eric Nordgaaden, Marcy Bloom, Joleen Larsen, Chris Eberley, Kari Saccomanno, Jodie Corless.

2018 Royalty;Maranda Montgomery and Shellbie Montgomery.

Cronation wll be in January 2018.

Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings.


Rodeo Meeting

Public Welcome!

Jimmy Cornelius President
Mick McCrum Vice President
Cheri McCrum Secretary
We would like to thank all the rodeo sponsors for their support, the rodeo was awesome!

Rodeo Royalty

2018 PRCA Rodeo Royalty
Miss Bonner County Rodeo Queen Maranda Montgomery
Miss Teen Bonner County Rodeo Princess Shellbie Montgomery

Tentative dates for 2019 Rodeo Royalty Try Outs will be announced January 1, 2018.


Rodeo Royalty



Miss Bonner County Rodeo 2017
Sarrah Eberley


Miss Teen Bonner County Rodeo 2017
Sage Saccamanno
 Past  Rodeo Royalty 2016

Past Rodeo Royalty 2016

Miss Bonner County Rodeo 2016
Kellee Knopp
Past Rodeo Royalty 2016

Past Rodeo Royalty 2016

Miss Teen Bonner County Rodeo 2016
Bailie Corless
Past Rodeo Royalty 2016

Past Rodeo Royalty 2016

Miss Junior Bonner County Rodeo 2016
Sage Saccomanno
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